Indies Keeping Secrets is a series of secret concerts organized by Son Canciones in Barcelona since 2013. Secret means the audience never knows who is playing nor where until the moment of the show. Our tiny stage has been installed in unique places like a church, a car mechanic, a living room with a grand piano, a video store, a metal factory and many more. All the concerts are intimate and cozy: there are never more than 70 people. We prefer to whisper than to shout.

After 4 years of conquering the old city center of Barcelona, in September 2017 we started taking our secrets to neighborhoods that are less well-known. The hidden gems on the city map. By means of one-day Secret Festivals our audience discovers a new neighborhood with 5 secret shows in 5 different places.

Indies Keeping Secrets has also been organized in Brussels since 2015.

Secreto #34 – Ciaran Lavery en Petit Palace Boquería Garden – 19/07/2018

Secret #33 – Guadalupe Mediavilla en Departure Coffee Co – 07/07/2017

Secret #32 – Karima Walker en ImoDesign Showroom – 10/06/2017

Secret #31 – Austin Miller en ImoDesign Factory – 01/04/2017

Secret #30Great North en Un Piso – 20/03/2017

Secret #29This Frontier Needs Heroes en Gimnàs Sant Pau – 18/12/2016

Secret #28Fellow Pynins en Twee Muizen – 25/11/2016

Secret #27Pavvla en Un Piso – 22/10/2016

Secret #26Steve Smyth en Norma Comics – 10/09/2016

Secret #25Anthonie Tonnon en Jovani & Vins – 16/06/2016

Secret #24Max García Conover en NU#02 – 20/05/2016

Secret #23Run On Sentence en Un Terrado – 24/04/2016

Secret #22Woodpigeon en No Llegiu – 05/03/2016

Secret #21Holly Muñoz en Born Chiropractic – 05/02/2016

Secret #20Fernando Alfaro en Casal de Joves, Palau Alós – 19/12/2015

Secret #19Withered Hand en Ceres Natural – 21/11/2015

Secret #18Will Wood en Un Terrado – 02/10/2015

Secret #17French For Rabbits en Room 28 – 16/09/2015

Secret #16The Underscore Orkestra en Na-ná – 15/06/2015

Secret #15Eliza Rickman en Un Piso – 10/05/2015

Secret #14Big Summer en Hotel Meliá Sky – 12/04/2015

Secret #13Young Forest en Floristería Lloveras – 07/03/2015

Secret #12Marta Cascales en Un Piso – 23/01/2015

Secret #11a Singer of Songs en Iglesia de Sant Gaietà – 10/12/2014

Secret #10Pilod en Central de Coches – 31/10/2014

Secret #09Mi Mye en Freedonia – 03/10/2014

Secret #08Tiny Ruins en Le Salon – 16/09/2014

Secret #07Wearyland en Un Terrado – 18/07/2014

Secret #06Tyler Butler en Un Terrado – 18/06/2014

Secret #05Zoe Boekbinder en Un Terrado – 18/05/2014

Secret #04August & After en El Recibidor – 21/04/2014

Secret #03Steve Folk en Video Instan – 21/02/2014

Secret #02Casa Celia en Un Piso – 07/12/2013

Secret #01Annabeth McNamara en Rulo – 07/11/2013