Max García Conover is a songwriter & one-man band based in Maine (USA). In 2015 he had an ambitious idea: write one song a week during one year. He bought an old motorhome, put his guitar and a notebook in it and traveled around the US with his wife and their dog. The ambitious plan turned out to be a realistic one: every week a new song was scribbled in the notebook. By mid-2016, Max had written more than sixty songs. The motorhome didn’t make it as long, and Max had to find other ways to travel. One of his journeys led him to Barcelona (Spain), where he played a show for us. After a night of cold drinks and good conversation we ended up signing a record deal with a handshake and a toast to new friendship. The songs were taken off the road and recorded in the quiet of Max Garcia Conover’s home in Portland (Maine, USA) in the winter of 2016. The album “Motorhome” is a selection of 12 weekly songs, one for each month.



  • Among Horses III

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  • Motorhome (CD)

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