Our world is ruled by the brand-new. The most recent. The shiniest and the loudest. Never before in the history of music have songs become so old so fast. And so everybody in the music business keeps running until exhaustion, pursuing novelty in a never-ending race. But here at Son Canciones we’ve decided it’s time to stop. To look back, and wait for the gems that have been left behind in this crazy race to nowhere to catch up with us. Some were left behind because of bad luck. Others because they simply didn’t make enough noise.

Whisper & Shimmer is a series of re-releases of albums that have been unjustly forgotten. Songs that are too powerful to disappear. So we give them a second life. We blow off the dust, and we’ll try to get the world to see how bright these gems really are.


Songs From Spare Rooms

Justin Farren

Justin Farren is from Sacramento, California. He lives in a house he built with his own two hands – or, as he likes to refer to it, “a living museum of my own mistakes”. During the two years it took him to build the house, he slept on couches and in the spare rooms of family and friends. And he wrote songs. He scribbled down lyrics and melodies while driving back and forth to The Home Depot, sanding dry wall, waiting in line at the city planning department and staring at unfamiliar ceilings, unable to sleep. And then he recorded them in various bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, garages, bathrooms and sheds. When the house was finally ready, he had also made a record. “Songs From Spare Rooms” is much more than just an album. It’s a home.

Thirteen years after the album was originally released, we now release this extended and improved edition of Justin’s masterpiece. All the songs were remixed by Justin in his shed, two previously unreleased tracks were added and the whole album was re-mastered by Eric Broyhill at Broyhill Masters, California.

Released October 2021.


Ethan Dwayne Bell

“It’s a hard life running from yourself,” the song “my captain” says. ethan dwayne bell (Texas, USA) knows all about running. At a very young age he had already gathered more passport stamps than most of us in our whole lives. He worked in a coffee shop in Seattle, in a Biergarten in Munich and in a library in Denton. He tried to get into the Peace Corps and then decided not to. All the while he wrote songs, home recorded them (wherever home was) and played shows under different aliases such as Ethan Bell Dips His Pen In The Company Ink or Ethan Bell Is An Asshole. One day ethan wrote a song that made him realize he wanted to live at sea. So he signed up as a sailor and started travelling around the world on oil tankers, army boats and container ships. He would make mix tapes for the other sailors with his songs, and always titled them “our hearts will fail”.

After 11 years at sea, ethan came back ashore to watch his children grow up. For a few years he drove around the US working as a truck driver. He now lives in Denton, Texas, where he homeschools his children while pursuing a career as an English teacher. He has never stopped writing songs.

Released March 2021.

Home and other places I’d like to visit (Extended Edition)

Me And The Horse I Rode In On

Henry Toft never enjoyed talking about himself. He says his happily boring life can be of no interest to anyone. And when you ask him about his music, his answer is even shorter. So we need to dig deep into the past to reconstruct the story of Henry’s one man band Me And The Horse I Rode In On and “Home And Other Places I’d Like To Visit”, the masterpiece he released in October 2008. Henry was at home, playing the guitar, and wrote down some words. He recorded the songs in his bedroom in Copenhagen, and gathered them on an EP he put out on Myspace. It didn’t take long before he had a loyal group of fans all over the world singing along to his catchy tunes. When one of them begged Henry for a description of his music, he finally broke the silence: “it’s music for daydreamers walking around town with their headphones on thinking that life could be better although life is pretty good as it is.”

Exactly 12 years later, we have the honor to offer “Home And Other Places I’d Like To Visit” a second life with this extended edition. We add three home-recorded demos that are so raw they’ll take your breath away, and the only Christmas song that fits under our Christmas tree.

Released October 2020

The Creature That I Call Myself

Julie Arsenault

Julie Arsenault is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. The Toronto based singer has been whispering her delicious melodies into the most gourmet ears for almost 10 years. Julie wrote songs because she had to. About her trouble with men, about her brutal battle against depression, about abortion, about her family. Raw confessions hidden behind melodies that are as sweet as the cakes Julie made at the bakery she worked at. In 2013 a car crash leaves her with a fractured skull and a paycheck from the insurance company. She decides to spend the money on recording some of her songs. She gathered a couple of friend musicians and headed to an old trailer that had been turned into a recording studio. The result left everyone speechless. And Julie, timid as always, let her friends convince her to make a Bandcamp account and put the songs out into the world. Without any promotion, any external help, any ambition apart from being heard by a handful of people who might understand her. But “The Creature That I Call Myself” quickly became a cult hit. A silent gem to be discovered amidst an avalanche of noise.

Six years later, we have the honor to offer “The Creature That I Call Myself” a second life with this extended edition. With 4 extra songs Julie wrote more recently. And with the same goosebumps.

Released May 2020.