Motorhome (CD)
Max Garcia Conover
We recognize them at first sight. The roamers. The restless souls who need to leave home to find home. The travelers who don’t choose the road but were chosen by the road. We guess it takes a roamer to know a roamer. As soon as Max García Conover stepped onto the stage we knew it… The holes in his T-shirt. The dust and mud from the road on his boots. The sad yet somehow hopeful look in his eyes. The guitar full of little wounds from all the traveling. And of course, the songs. Stories from the road for the road. About neighbors who kill dogs and about broken motorhomes on empty parking lots. About the loved one who was left behind and about being chased by time, the greatest hunter. After the show, we approached Max and lured him into our favorite bar in Barcelona. An old and dusty place, a home for a little while when you most need it. We talked about music and travel and motorhomes and old guitars. Half an hour later we sealed a record deal with a handshake and raised our glasses to new friendship. Then we all walked away in opposite directions, gathering new dust on our boots. We hope you enjoy the songs.
Mabel & Lieven
Released, September 2017
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