Songs From Spare Rooms
Justin Farren
Justin Farren is from Sacramento, California. He lives in a house that he built with his own two hands – or, as he likes to refer to it, “a living museum of my own mistakes”. During the two years it took him to build the house, he slept on couches and in the spare rooms of family and friends. And he wrote songs. He scribbled down lyrics and melodies while driving back and forth to The Home Depot, sanding dry wall, waiting in line at the city planning department and staring at unfamiliar ceilings, unable to sleep. And then he recorded them in various bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, garages, bathrooms and sheds. When the house was finally ready, he had also made a record. “Songs From Spare Rooms” is much more than just an album. It’s a home. Thirteen years after the album was originally released, we now release this extended and improved edition of Justin’s masterpiece. All of the songs were remixed by Justin in his shed, two previously unreleased tracks were added and the whole album was re-mastered by Eric Broyhill at Broyhill Masters, California. "Songs From Spare Rooms" is the fourth album of "Whisper & Shimmer", a series of releases of recordings that have been unjustly forgotten. Songs that were somehow left behind in the crazy race to nowhere that is the music industry sometimes, but that are too powerful to disappear. Previous Whisper & Shimmer releases have been Julie Arsenault's "The Creature That I Call Myself", "Home And Other Places I'd Like To Visit" by Me And The Horse I Rode In On and “our hearts will fail” by ethan dwayne bell.
Released, October 2021