There is a home for you (CD / Vinyl)

A Singer of Songs

“There Is A Home For You” is at the root of everything. It was 2013. Lieven’s Canadian friend Jeremy Sroka had just released the album on his beautiful label Hi54lofi Records. Lieven was ready to do what he had always done until then: play a couple of shows on his own, sell a few albums out of his backpack directly from the stage, say goodbye and then start working on the next album. But then Mabel walked into his life. She listened carefully to the album and had the bright idea to put a string of home shows together to promote the record. And while Lieven played the tunes in living rooms and gardens, she arranged the merch table carefully. And that’s how ‘they’ became ‘us’. We traveled from one small town to the other. We talked about music and life and about them being the same thing. We decided there was another way to make music happen. Our way. So we started our little label Son Canciones. We played more shows, arranged more merch tables and sold more albums. And then one day our box of cd’s was empty. “There Is A Home For You” was sold out. We had a few drinks to celebrate and got drunk enough to realize we all need roots to grow. So we decided to make more. Add some extra words and songs and old photos. And then hit the road to sing about coming home. Never alone again.

We hope you enjoy the music and the stories.

Mabel & Lieven

Barcelona, March 2016

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