The Song #11 by Young Forest

We chose this song because it was the first song by Punch Brothers that we discovered and for us this was turning point on a technical level as a band. Once we saw how these musicians play, tune and perform, we decided that we wanted to go one step further in terms of performance. Also, three of its main instruments are the banjo, the acoustic guitar and the violin, so we felt very identified with that acoustic sound. We went together to Paris to see them play at Le Trianon, a great theater in the city center and for us it was a very special moment of connection and admiration.

The song, which lasts 11 minutes, is really two songs in one, it has two very different parts musically. Although its lyrics are quite cryptic, we believe that it speaks of the disconnection that occurs between people due to social networks and at the same time the true union between people that can occur, for example, thanks to music. In fact, it seems to us that in the lyrics there are also two very different settings (a church and a bar), but what they both have in common is that they are places where people meet, declare their love and connect with each other. This is entirely our interpretation. If someone has a different vision, please tell us.

For us it is one of the top songs, and we recommend that you listen to it with headphones while you let yourself go. We hope you like it. We leave the link here so that those who listen to it can “connect” with us;)

Young Forest