The Caravan Recordings I (CD)

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It was a scorching hot summer day. We were sitting in the fierce Spanish sun in front of the old little caravan of Alain Quateau, our dear friend and partner in crime. It was too hot to even speak. We just sat in silence, sipped our beers, crushed the occasional mosquito and tried to get the most of the soft sea breeze. Time crept by slowly. Alain had been staring at the caravan for a long time when he broke the silence. “What if I built a control room for a recording studio in the caravan?” We thought this was the heatstroke speaking, but Alain nodded and kept rambling. About unusual spots to park. About long cables. Little by little we all joined him in his frenzy and started rambling with him. About old microphones in weird places. About our favorite bands in old windmills and abandoned cottages. About knowns songs in unknown places. About ideas that are too crazy to be true.

Four months later, a cold autumn morning in Belgium. It takes us half an hour to park in between the bushes and trees. When the caravan is finally levelled and the cable proves to be long enough to get to the windmill, Alain looks at us and smiles. Let’s record, he says.

We release this album because of Alain, time creeping by slowly and endless summer days echoing into autumn.

We hope you enjoy the songs.

Mabel & Lieven

April 2018

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