Another kind of music and I… (Mabel, part 1)

I remember December, 
and I wanna hear what you have to say about me. 
Hear if you’re gonna live without me.
I wanna hear what you want. 
What the hell do you want?

The fights that almost always precede the rupture, the nights in which you say such hurtful and offensive words that cause an almost irreparable damage… The nights in which it seems that there is still a glimmer of love and hope, and you want to make things work, but there is too much frustration and pain in everything.

This song is one of those nights, and it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. It has the pain, the bitterness, the sweetness, the reproaches, the redemption, the cynicism and the most bitter desperation… It goes from whisper to pain to rage and all it achieves is that you want to hear it again and again and again…