Son Canciones al bosc

Climate change is not a threat, it’s a reality, and music can’t pretend it’s none of its business. We believe culture should be the leader of the revolution, not a passer-by. That’s why we propose concerts that fit in the necessity to do much more with much less. Concert with less waste, less noise and […]


A unique secret spot somewhere in Barcelona. A tiny stage in front of an old rocking chair. Indie musicians who prefer to whisper than to shout. Sixty people sitting so close to the artists they can hear their hearts beat. An after party with novels, wine & slow food. The Rocking Chair Sessions, intimate concerts […]

Música Secreta als Museus

A secret museum, a secret band. 50 fortunate people who feel so close to the artists they can hear their hearts beat.


Noise, queues, scorching heat… Summer is the most complicated time of the year to enjoy silence. “Murmuris” wants to be an island in a sea of decibels. It’s a different kind of summer festival. We look for the quitest places and fill them with songs sung silently into the ear. If leisure is a shout, […]


Indies Keeping Secrets is a series of secret concerts organized by Son Canciones in Barcelona since 2013. Secret means the audience never knows who is playing nor where until the moment of the show. Our tiny stage has been installed in unique places like a church, a car mechanic, a living room with a grand […]


FemPop is a music festival that doesn’t’ want to exist. A festival against gender discrimination in the music business. A festival where women are the protagonists. A festival that is intimate, cozy and proud to be small. A festival that was born with the intention to perish soon. FemPop has taken place in Barcelona, Malgrat […]