David Burnett

Eleven years ago David Burnett left his home of Phoenix, Arizona for a small town near Granada, drawn to the stillness and beauty of Andalusia. However, the silence quickly turned into a black hole, and David decided to trade the peace of the countryside for the hustle and bustle of Madrid. It was there, with his newfound anonymity, that he was able to begin collecting the many stories transpiring all around him.

Yes, David Burnett is a musician, but first and foremost he is a storyteller. His songs turn simple daily scenes into timeless stories full of nostalgia and wit. But not only the words sound eternal, so does the music. David Burnett’s music sounds like the songs your parents would listen to on Sunday morning while preparing breakfast, timeless tunes that seem all but indestructible. It will remind many of the hits of the ’60s written in the Brill Building, James Taylor and Paul Simon. If you ask David, he will also mention Nick Drake, Martin Simpson and Laurel Canyon. He will tell you about his childhood dedicated to the saxophone and jazz, about his adolescence full of Americana, and he will ask you kindly to take your time while listening to his songs. Because, as he sings somewhere on his upcoming debut album: “I’m destined for glory, but it won’t be the overnight kind.”

David Burnett’s debut album “Picture Palace” was released in February 2022.