Mabel and how it all started (part 2)

Again, the story begins with a tape recorded by a friend and a song that I could not stop listening to, from a band I had never heard of. The song was “IN THE MOUTH A DESERT” and the band was PAVEMENT.

They immediately became my favorite. Before their final break-up they gave a very special last concert in London, at Brixton Academy, on November 20, 1999. One day before my birthday. Everything fit perfectly, I lived in London at the time and I could not think of a better plan to celebrate my 25th birthday. Nobody wanted to join me, but that was not a problem for me either: I would happily go alone. But I didn’t have a ticket, so I decided to try my luck with the resale. Hours before the show I went to the venue and… I waited for a miracle.

Some time later the band made a video for one of the singles of their last album, and they decided to use images of what had happened before, during and after that historical concert that I never got to attend… but I will never forget.

If you go to minute 1.25 of the video you’ll understand why.