Mabel and how it all started (part 4)

No, I do not like big festivals, I do not like them at all… And yet one of my favorite musical memories is linked to one of those huge summer events.

Listening to PJ HARVEY perform “Rid of Me” was one of the most intense moments I’ve ever experienced in music. Everyone who was there surrendered to her. Nobody resisted.

I remember seeing her appear on stage and feeling captivated. Even today, so many years after that performance, I still tremble when I listen to this video. It was the song with which I discovered PJ Harvey and it is, without a doubt, my favorite. The whole album has a depressing, almost claustrophobic tone of a raw and implacable beauty. It is an uncomfortable album to listen to, almost disturbing at times. But it’s one of those records that you never forget. There is so much truth and so much pain, that to pretend to listen to it and come out unscathed is nonsense. It is full of songs that hurt, because they remind us of the fear, the loneliness and the darkness that we all have inside.

Listen carefully:

Lick my legs I’m on fire. 
Lick my legs of desire