The Song #10 by Silke

Some people remember exactly what they were doing when a famous celebrity died. Others can easily recite capital cities and link dates to important historical events all over the world. The only thing my memory chooses to save is where I was and what I was drinking when I heard a good song for the very first time. It does not get me far in quizzes or job interviews. Actually, I guess this is the first time that it turns out to be useful. Thanks, Son Canciones.

I discovered this song when I was fifteen. I was just past the stage of disliking every album my dad tried to sneak into my heart, but it was too early to honestly confess that he actually had good taste.

I secretly stole his copy of ‘I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning’ from his cd rack, put it in my cd player and fell in love. I did not make it to the end, though. The fourth song, Lua, just broke my heart. I played it on endless repeat until my mom appeared in my room stamping her feet that dinner was getting cold. When I got to the table I smiled to my dad: ‘Bright Eyes is amazing!’ I was expecting a self-righteous ‘TOLD YOU SO’, but all he did was smile back.

What I did not know back then is that on that same album, only two songs later I was about to discover ‘First Day Of My Life’, one of my all time favorites. Today Conor Oberst is leaning on the biggest shelve of my cd rack. The man knows what it’s all about. The best songs are simple and pure. At least that’s what’s my dad has thought me to believe.

For those who were wondering, I was drinking a delicious glass of cold milk.

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