The caravan recordings

What do you do when your caravan is getting too old to be driven all around Europe? You take out all the furniture, build in a control room of a recording studio and choose only the most amazing places to park. A very long cable will do the rest. The Caravan Recordings is a series […]

Whisper & Shimmer

Our world is ruled by the brand-new. The most recent. The shiniest and the loudest. Never before in the history of music have songs become so old so fast. And so everybody in the music business keeps running until exhaustion, pursuing novelty in a never-ending race. But here at Son Canciones, we’ve decided it’s time […]

David Burnett

Eleven years ago David Burnett left his home of Phoenix, Arizona for a small town near Granada, drawn to the stillness and beauty of Andalusia. However, the silence quickly turned into a black hole, and David decided to trade the peace of the countryside for the hustle and bustle of Madrid. It was there, with […]


Wearyland is a father and his daughter who write and record songs in a basement in a small Belgian town. Their delightful debut album “Wearyland” was released in 2015 by the Barcelona based label Son Canciones. Radio 1 described the album as “a long whisper that gets stuck in your soul”, and specialized blogs such […]

A singer of songs

A broken heart and no place to call home. That’s all it took for Lieven Scheerlinck to start writing songs under the moniker a Singer of Songs in 2008. He wrote and home-recorded the songs in the moment, without second takes, trying to get the original emotion on tape. He never thought of sharing his […]

Julie Arsenault

For years, Julie Arsenault has been Canada's best kept secret. In 2014, the Toronto-based singer-songwriter released The Creature That I Call Myself, an album filled with harrowing tales of loss and heartbreak hidden beneath the catchiest of pop tunes. The record was released only on Bandcamp without any fancy marketing campaigns but soon became a […]

The Bird Yellow

The Bird Yellow always knew that the true happiness of the treasure hunter lies in the hunt, not the treasure. The band led by Barcelona native Gerard Vidal Barrena never had time to be born: it had already exploded before it stepped into light. His first song “Roses in the sand” managed to bypass all […]

Max Garcia Conover

The king of silent hurt is back. After almost four years of silence since the overwhelming success of “Among Horses III” (with Haley Heynderickx), Max García Conover returns with his new album “deer”, released by the Barcelona based label Son Canciones. During the pandemic, Max found solace by giving weekly concerts in the attic of […]

Among Horses

One week. Two musicians. Sixty Spanish horses. Three very mellow guard dogs. A farm in the middle of nowhere powered by solar energy only. A room full of old microphones. Oh, and did we mention the horses?   “Among Horses” is a collaborative writing and recording project. We put two musicians who barely know each […]