From Hello to Goodbye (CD / Vinyl)
A Singer of Songs

We love maps. The real ones, not Google’s. Over the years we’ve collected dozens of them in a shoebox. Little city trips, long holidays, new lives in faraway cities… Somehow the whole story is written in the wrinkles and faded colors of each map. In the way it was folded around our favorite spots. In the words written hastily in pencil. The only cinema where you can watch good films with subtitles. The corner of a first date. The fastest route to your first job in a city that’s still a stranger. The best Italian restaurant in the country. It’s all in there. The pleasure and sadness and friendships and relationships. The maps of our lives. And doesn’t wisdom always come with wrinkles?

We release this album because of the maps. Because, like these songs, they’ve always told us where to go, never where to stay.

We hope you enjoy the songs.

Mabel & Lieven

Released, October 2014

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In stock