Among Horses V

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Time has washed away many images and memories, but not the horses. Never the horses. Their scent on my (Mabel) father’s clothes and skin and hair when he came home after spending as much time as possible in the stables, his favorite hideout. The way they shivered when my (Lieven) father showed me how to caress one of the horses behind the fence on our weekly walk to my grandparents’ house. Our fathers were right: you’ll never forget the first time a horse looks straight into your eyes.

It was a long and winding mud road. And then, finally, we saw the little white farm tucked in between the hills. A mutual friend had told us about the magic of this organic farm. About how the dry wind seems to sing all day long. And what a perfect place it is to make music. To run away from the world and drown yourself in silence and words and songs. We opened the fence and walked towards the old building when we heard them. Their hooves on the dry mud. Their deep breaths. We looked up and saw two horses roaming freely around the farm. They walked up to us hesitatingly, coming closer one little step at a time. Then they stopped and they looked us in the eyes. We held out our hands, and they shivered.

We release this album because of our fathers. And because of the horses. Always the horses.

Mabel & Lieven
June 2020

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