Among Horses IV
Lydia Cole & Haley Beavis
Special Limited Edition CD. Handmade with love in Barcelona. One week. Two musicians. Sixty Spanish horses. Three very mellow guard dogs. A farm in the middle of nowhere powered by solar energy only. A room full of old microphones. “Among Horses” is a collaborative writing and recording project. We put two musicians who barely know each other on a farm and give them seven days. Seven days to get to know each other, write an EP together, record it and maybe look after the old horses while they’re at it. Lydia Cole is a singer-songwriter from Kingsland, New Zealand. In 2017, she released her second studio album "The Lay Of The Land," which received raving reviews from both the press and listeners. In recent years, she has toured extensively throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand and was nominated for the APRA Silver Scroll Awards in 2017. LYDIACOLE.COM Hailey Beavis has been Edinburgh's best kept secret for a couple of years. This young singer-songwriter and graphic artist is an active part of Scotland's independent scene. In 2018, she co-founded her own record label OK Pal Records. HAILEYBEAVIS.BANDCAMP.COM
Released, May 2019
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