Among Horses I (CD)
Withered Hand & A Singer of Songs
Special Limited Edition CD. Handmade with love in Barcelona.

One week. Two musicians. Sixty Spanish horses. Three very mellow guard dogs. A farm in the middle of nowhere powered by solar energy only. A room full of old microphones.

“Among Horses” is a collaborative writing and recording project. We put two musicians who barely know each other on a farm and give them seven days. Seven days to get to know each other, write an EP together, record it and maybe look after the old horses while they’re at it.

Withered Hand is the creation of songwriter Dan Willson. A cult figure in the Scottish music scene since 2009, Dan has released two widely acclaimed albums, New Gods (2014) and Good News (2009), as well as several lo-fi EPs. Currently working towards his third full length album, Withered Hand continues to tour and play one-off performances in venues from concert halls to living rooms.

A Singer of Songs started out in 2008 as a treatment against severe heartbreak for Lieven Scheerlinck, a Belgian residing in Barcelona. Since then, he has released 5 studio albums and two collaborative EP’s with Withered Hand and Tiny Ruins. He has toured the better parts of Spain and Europe, playing music that has been compared by the press to Low, Vic Chesnutt, Sparklehorse, snowflakes falling in slow motion and a blanket on a cold night.
Released, May 2017
10,00 €