When the room goes dark (Single)
The Bird Yellow

The Bird Yellow appeared with a bang, and he’s leaving with another...

Six years after amazing the world and the algorithms with the overwhelming success of his debut song "Roses in the Sand", The Bird Yellow says goodbye with another bang. It's a happy goodbye. Gerard Vidal Barrena leaves Barcelona to move to New York, where he has received a scholarship from the prestigious NYU film school. And there’s no better way to say goodbye to the city where he grew up than dancing.

From the first note of "when the room goes dark" you can sense that Gerard is nostalgic. But also that he wants to embrace the whole world, conquer every bit of land he puts his foot on. Everything ends in a dark room. And the darker it gets, the more he dances. The Bird Yellow only needs one thing from us at this crucial moment in his life: "keep dancing with me when the room goes dark."

"when the room goes dark" is the first single of TBH, the third studio album by The Bird Yellow, which will be released by Son Canciones in November 2024.

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Released, May 10th 2024