Home and other places I’d like to visit (Extended Edition)

Me And The Horse I Rode In On

Henry Toft never enjoyed talking about himself. He says his happily boring life can be of no interest to anyone. And when you ask him about his music, his answer is even shorter. So we need to dig deep into the past to reconstruct the story of Henry’s one man band Me And The Horse I Rode In On and “Home And Other Places I’d Like To Visit”, the masterpiece he released in October 2008. Henry was at home, playing the guitar, and wrote down some words. He recorded the songs in his bedroom in Copenhagen, and gathered them on an EP he put out on Myspace. It didn’t take long before he had a loyal group of fans all over the world singing along to his catchy tunes. When one of them begged Henry for a description of his music, he finally broke the silence: “it’s music for daydreamers walking around town with their headphones on thinking that life could be better although life is pretty good as it is.”

Today, exactly 12 years later, we have the honor to offer “Home And Other Places I’d Like To Visit” a second life with this extended edition. We add three home-recorded demos that are so raw they’ll take your breath away, and the only Christmas song that fits under our Christmas tree.

Released October 2020

You can buy the digital album HERE.