Wearyland (CD / Vinyl)


It all happened on a hot summer night in Barcelona in 2014. Apart from releasing small albums, we are also involved in putting on secret shows in Barcelona. We had known Alain Quateau for years. We knew he was a great guy who wrote really good songs. We knew he had a great voice. We knew he’d play a brilliant secret show. But what we didn’t know was that he sang songs with his daughter Maaike. She was 19 at the time, and until that night in Barcelona she had never performed live. So she walked onto the stage all shaky and nervous and pale. She looked at the people and then at her father. And he put one step closer to her and smiled calmly. A smile only a father can have. A smile that said ‘everything is going to be alright, I’m right here next to you’. And he struck the first chord and they started singing. From then on the night became a blur. But we do remember that right after the show ended we looked at each other. We both had tears in our eyes. We never actually talked about signing Wearyland. It just happened that night when Maaike was afraid and her father told her everything would be alright… and it was.

We hope you enjoy the music and the stories.

Mabel & Lieven

Barcelona, May 2015

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