Max Garcia Conover
Limited edition CD + Little Book of Songs & Stories The king of silent hurt is back. After almost four years of silence since the overwhelming success of “Among Horses III” (with Haley Heynderickx), Max García Conover returns with his new album “deer”, released by the Barcelona based label Son Canciones. During the pandemic, Max found solace by giving weekly concerts in the attic of his house in Maine (USA) playing new songs for his most critical audience: himself. Only the best of the best endured. The result is the ten songs of “deer”, including “mud”, the collaboration with The Ballroom Thieves that gathered tens of thousands of listeners in less than one month on the most important streaming platforms. This limited edition CD comes with a "Little Book of Songs & Stories" written by Max and handmade with love in Barcelona.
Released, May 2022
15,00 €