The Creature That I Call Myself
Julie Arsenault
Julie Arsenault is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. The Toronto based singer has been whispering her tasteful melodies into the most gourmet ears for almost 10 years. Julie wrote songs because she had to. About her trouble with men, about her brutal battle against depression, about abortion, about her family. Raw confessions hidden behind melodies that are as sweet as the cakes Julie made at the bakery she worked at. In 2013 a car crash left her with a fractured skull and a paycheck from the insurance company. She decided to spend the money on recording some of her songs. She gathered a couple of friend musicians and headed to an old trailer that had been turned into a recording studio. The result left everyone speechless. And Julie, timid as always, let her friends convince her to make a Bandcamp account and put the songs out into the world. Without any promotion, any external help, any ambition apart from being heard by a handful of people who might understand her. But “The Creature That I Call Myself” quickly became a cult hit. A silent gem to be discovered amidst an avalanche of noise.

Six years later, we have the honor to offer “The Creature That I Call Myself” a second life with this extended edition including 4 extra songs Julie wrote more recently. And provoking the same goosebumps.
10,00 €